Hello and welcome to this site! I created this site in the Spring of 2015 as a resource for teachers who want to incorporate Historic Preservation into their lessons. As you will see, each lesson plan has at least one SOL connected to it and also incorporates Historic Preservation topics. The lessons are fun, interactive and informative. I have also had the opportunity to test out certain lessons so each one is kid approved!

     Reasons for Educating Students in Preservation

As a Historic Preservation major, I have the opportunity to see the ups and downs of being a preservationist. One of the major problems that I come upon is the lack of education about Historic Preservation that is available to the public. Not many people understand why it is important or necessary to our nation to preserve our history, such as houses and battlefields. I think we can fix the misconceptions by teaching the future leaders of tomorrow about Historic Preservation.

About this Project

I met with my Independent Study adviser, Professor Smith and I explained to her that I wanted to somehow combine my two fields of study which are Historic Preservation and Elementary Education. We decided that I would come up with lesson plans that teachers can use that follow the SOLs and that also incorporate Historic Preservation in the lessons.

Professor Smith requested that I do research on lessons plans that have already been made. While I was exploring different sites, I noticed that the lessons were not very interactive- some of them required the students making flashcards, while another one required them to make a poster. While students can learn this way, I have frequently found the best method of teaching is having the students actually practice or do a hands-on activity that requires them is apply their knowledge. This is good for two reasons. One, the teacher is able to see if the students understand the lesson by correctly applying their knowledge and two, the students are able to reinforce what they learned in fun, hands on way that allows them to escape sitting at a desk all day.

I also found that the websites that contained these lesson plans were very disorganized and did not have quick reviews of the lessons provided. That is why, on my website, I have decided to have two sections- one where the teachers can see what are the different lessons and the Standards Of Learning (SOLs), materials required, and a brief explanation of what the lesson entails. I also have an additional materials section that contains extra worksheets, examples and basic background knowledge that teachers need to know in order to teach each lesson. In the second section, I have the lessons organized by grade level and the amount of time needed for the lesson. This way, teachers can choose which one is the best fit for them.

I hope you enjoy exploring my website and find lessons that work for you!


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